Les Canneles Bordelais

These are my moulds

Hello there, bakers!

Look what I’ve been attempting to make lately. Canneles.

First time I tasted these beauties with their slightly crunchy exterior and almost custardy, soft interior, I had no idea what they were.  
So I googled them. Les Canneles Bordelais. That’s what they are. Simple, yet delicious.

Before you start baking, you may need to invest in some moulds. 
I was fortunate enough and one day I stumbled upon the real thing – Copper moulds.
Yes, they are a little expensive.

You will need at least 6 moulds.
You can buy silicon moulds, apparently they work well, and are a fraction of the cost of the copper ones.

The copper moulds have to be treated differently. No washing, just wipe out the burnt bits of sugar with kitchen towel. Some people grease them with bee’s wax. I haven’t try this method yet.

Note: This recipe needs to be prepared 1 day in advance

Copper Canneles Moulds


makes 12 canneles

100 g all purpose plain flour, sifted
400 ml whole milk
180 g powdered sugar
2 eggs + 1 egg yolk
1 Tbs vegetable oil
1 heaping Tbs dark rum
1 vanilla bean
butter and sugar for moulds


Day 1

Bring the milk with vanilla to a boil, then let cool down. 
Beat the eggs. 
Slowly pour in the warm milk mixture, and let it sit. 
Add the sifted flour, followed by the powdered sugar and oil. 
Stir the mixture vigorously. 
Complete by adding the rum. 
Store the batter in an airtight container in the  fridge until the next day.

Day 2

Preheat the oven to 200C/ 400 F. 
Generously grease the canneles moulds (brush with melted butter using a pastry brush) and sprinkle with sugar.
Place the moulds on a baking sheet.
Stir the batter again to ensure it is perfectly homogenised. 
Stir gently to avoid incorporating too much air in the batter. 
Pour the batter into a pouring jug and then fill the moulds to 2/3.

Bake for approximately 1 hour – they should be fully golden – don’t forget the top gets brown faster than the sides. Don’t take them out too soon, or they will be slightly gooey in the middle and lopsided.
Don’t worry if they are very dark, that’s the way they should be. 
Unmould the canneles onto a cooling rack 5 to 10 minutes after they are out of the oven, and let them cool completely.

Enjoy these little sweets at room temperature or reheat them in the microwave for 15 seconds.

Batch No. 3 slightly under-baked 🙂



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